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Originally Posted by Jgarcia41 View Post
It's to late for him to vomit up the earplug, I am monitoring for gastrointestinal signs, notable vomiting. I am trying to treat him normally, and pray it will pass. He a pooped several times today but know earplug

However it he start vomiting, which will increase my suspicion of an intestinal blockage, I am going to take him to the vet; I just pray the little guy will be alright.
Yeah I know you have to make the dog vomit right away ,I said that in my post. I was told by my vet if my dog vomit after eating an object he need to be seen right away. Did the vet say to not feed your dog in case he need surgery? Do you think he ate anything else when you where not looking?
I hope he will be OK. I have to be real care with where I leave my hearing aid as dogs loves to eat them.
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