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I took Toro, my teacup Chihuahua puppy, to the vet today and she basically said to wait and see if it comes out in his stool. The vet also said that foam does not show up on x-rays unless there is a gastro blockage and explained that it would be a costly expense to take x-rays; she also advised me to come back if he starts vomiting, stop eating or pooping which are all signs of a gastro blockage. After further inquiries, the vet informed me that if the foam earplug does not pass by Thursday, even without any of the symptoms mention above she would be willing to attempt to take x-rays on Friday. So I am just hoping and praying that the earplug passes soon, I have always had Chihuahuas and I love the breed but I donít think I will ever get another teacup. I will spare no expense in taking care of the little guy, my biggest worry is that I put my wants before considering his suffering, if it comes down to him needing a invasive procedure. I am putting; all this information in this post in the hopes that it would help someone else, while I strive to get through my own dilemma. Thanks for your concern, please pray for Toro and myself.
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