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Originally Posted by krdahmer View Post
I would put one of your traps out with food in it at the base of the tree....most likely the kitten will be able to get down on it's own, but if feral, will probably wait until dark.

Try calling tree trimmers in your area too, they may be nice and come to help. After all saving a kitten from a tree would be great advertising if the paper picked up the story.
She has been up there since last night, i tried getting her to come down last night, and i was hoping she would come down over night, she didnt. She still wont come down. I have water at the base of the tree, i will try the food thing in the crotch of the tree, but she wont budge from the limb she is on, even though there are alot of small branches all the way down she could climb down on. There is spca's in the area, but not close enough to do anything. The fire department gave me a number for the local animal protection agency, but they do wild animals not kittens in trees.
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