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Coppers mom is right heart murmurs can disappear as they get older. My Puli was from a breeder that I had contacted when I was looking to buy a Puli pup she told me that she had a 2 year waiting list. She put me on the list after the usual interogation and interviews. When I met them I told them I was not interested in breeding or showing and did not need a perfect pup. She called me about 2 months later and told me about a litter and one had a heart murmur so she could not sell this pup to any of the people on her list but if I would have her spayed and utd on shots I could have her as long as I promised to take very good care of her health needs. Well at the age of 2 she was given a clean bill of health not even a trace of the murmur. So do not look at it as death sentence or a disability.
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