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Unhappy I have the same problem with my new cat

I adopted a beautiful young cat from a rescue 2 months ago. I have had many health problems with her from upper respiratory problems, diarrhea, and now all of her hair is falling out. She has been seen by 4 doctors and has a heart murmur rated at 6. 2 Vets have said I should give her back or try to find someone that will take in a special needs cat. They told me that her life is going to be short. She is a real sweetheart of a cat and is very active and playful. I finally got weight on her (she was in bad condition when I adopted her) and if I could only get the hair to grow back (she is a flamepoint ragdoll).
I can't afford to have the ultrasound done. Is there meds that she could take to help her? I really don't want to place her in another home since she had a rough start in life. But since I have another cat already, the doctor said it's better that she's an only cat.:sad:
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