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Smile shots

Originally Posted by lindapalm View Post
Our dog is fourteen and due for a shot next month. Its been three years since her last one. She doesn't get any other shots because I feel shes too old, but I am undecided what to do about the rabies shot. If I don't get her one, can a vet refuse to treat her if she gets sick, and if she bites someone without an up to date shot, what will they do to her? I really don't want to take the chance an give her one, but I also don't want to make things a lot worst if I don't.
check with your animal control,lawyer.Each state is different! My dog had all his shots.BUT I will not give them to him again.I spoke with a holistic vet and when he explained what is in the shots and heartworm meds , they are poison in low doses. It has been a 100 years sense a reported case of rabies. in dogs.I will have his blood tested every 6 months to keep up on his health. Hoped that helped
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