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Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
Very few places will accept titers for rabies. I have only heard of one county in the US accepting these. The rabies comnedium (sp?) Specifically states that rabies titers can't be used.

That said, many vets will write a letter of exemption (if allowed in your county) if the titers show a protected level. In the US, Kansas state is the only one that rins them, though I send my bloodwork to Jean Dodds lab. And she send it out.
Good point, it is a problem, yes. There's the question of whether they will be accepted at all and if they are accepted then what level is being looked for. However this is an evolving area and the OP might want to look at it. More and more places are accepting them, especially if the animal's Vet does write the number down on a letter of exemption.
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