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Outdoor to Indoor?

My cat loves going outside, staying out for several hours and returning late at night. We've told him numerous times to be careful, but this past weekend, he possibly got into a fight with another cat or another animal. He was scratched up, and I thought he'd lost a toe, which was not the case after a trip to the vet, thank goodness. He is declawed in the front, so he couldn't defend himself from attacks.

This clinched my decision to begin the transition from outdoor/indoor cat to indoor only. Is such a thing possible, turning a cat from outdoor or outdoor/indoor to just indoor? He's five years old, and I don't know if it's too late to change his ways now. The vet said that after she looked at him, he'd have to stay inside for a week. I agree with her decision, but I don't know how Ambre (my cat) will be affected. I know he'll be safer, but I don't want him to have to go through a weekend like that again.

When the weather is bad, I let him go as far as our breezeway, but that's it. I've also been doing that while he's been recovering from his ordeal. Before this weekend, I've kept our back door open, but it's only a crack, but I do have our screen door in front of it so he can poke his nose out and get some air. Should I continue to do that, as well as let him go in the breezeway? He goes up to my dad's studio too. We are careful to leave our garage door shut while he's out that far.
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