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Thanks for your replies, Phoozles, Alley and Happy!

It is nice to hear that it is not just *my* cats who are food hounds!

It is my husband's assertion that it is the "unconventional" high-quality food that is causing their behavior. If feeding them a commercial cat food would cure them of this behavior, then I would consider it. I would LOVE to find a high quality cat dried cat food without toxic preservatives that I could leave out for snacking all the time. I have even made them "cookies" that I keep in the fridge for treats. Unfortunately I have been working inhuman hours and don't always have time to do this for them. But it sounds like it may be more of a "personality" issue. I would not like to have the worst of both worlds; that is, a cat with food related health problems and a food obsession.

I have had cats my entire life and have only had older cats since switching to the high quality diet. These are the first young'uns I have had on it; I hoped it was merely behavior consistent with immaturity. And indeed, the cats have mellowed in many ways in my two years with them. But my husband, who is NOT a critter person (in his previous marriage he simply gave cats back to the pound when they became too much of a hassle) has no patience for this.


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