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Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
You name it I've tried it..wet, dry, food the vet gave us, etc.
Have you tried a canned food with simple ingredients (ie one protein source and no plant-matter)? Something like By Nature Organics would fit the bill.

Another option would be a raw food diet. There are some good commercial products that make this easier than it sounds.

Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
This is food she previously had vomited when I let her eat as much as she wanted.
Good ol' Scarf-n-Barf. Feeding her smaller, more frequent amounts is definitely a way to prevent that. This also tends to happen more with kibble since it expands when it absorbs the moisture in the stomach, so my recommendation to feed wet food (which is healthier for ALL cats anyway) still stands.

Fingers crossed that you've solved the problem! Wouldn't entirely explain why her pancreas is inflamed though.
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