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The added treats can be a cause to the stomach upset as well if this is not something you did in the past.

Keep it simple. His life is upside down right now so he needs consistancy and the ability to explore his new surroundings at the same time. However, it is important not to give him an overload of new things all at once. Take things gradual. Set up some very minor boundries if you do not want him in certain areas. If he relieves himself in the same spot, close it off.

If you must restart training, then umbilical train for a few days. Very important however that you maintain the same routine as before. You want this move to be almost seemless.

Don't forget, he lost his security. He also is going through what you are; moving boxes, loud noises, people coming and going, re-arranging things and furnature. Once things settle, so will he.
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