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I hope your daughter can find a way to get this lovely dog some exercise. If I remember correctly when Blackie was on thyroid medication, the dose was determined by her weight as well as by the results of the thyroid tests done by the vet.

If that is the case, the dose may not be high enough to control Kira's thyroid problem. She shouldn't stop the thyroid medication because I expect Kira will gain even more weight and also may create more health problems with the accompanying increase in vet bills. She should also get her to take Kira to the vet for re-testing of her thyroid problems as others said.

Is your daughter concerned about Kira's weight? I'm sure you are trying to get your daughter to realize what she is doing to Kira by not controlling Kira's food intake and not giving her exercise. Maybe things would change if you were able to go with her to the vet for Kira's re-testing? Maybe the vet can get her to understand what she needs to do to improve Kira's health.

Good luck
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