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Moving a desktop icon to the recycle bin doesn't remove the program, it only removes the icon.

To remove the program itself, go to Control panel (if you are using Windows and not a Mac - I don't know anything about Mac machines) and go to Add/Remove Programs, go through the list, select the program you want to delete and tell it to "uninstall."

A screen going dark on a laptop is touchy. It could be graphics card driver related, which then just needs a new driver installed. (A driver is software that tells the computer how to use the graphics card inside. Sometimes graphics card drivers get corrupted somehow and need to be updated or replaced. Graphics card manufacturers release new drivers of their cards often.) Check out the manufacturer's website for more details. NVIDIA is a common one, but there are many others.

If the screen going dark is not driver related, there may be a wire connection problem, or just a plain old faulty screen. Which means taking it to a repair person, complaining to the manufacturer, or buy a new one.

But check out the stuff you can fix for free first, like the driver software.
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