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Originally Posted by brianna079 View Post
Hi pitgrrl,
the condition my dog had was the first time i had heard of it...he was just 5 months old when it happened (hes now 8 months old).
did your friends dog have this problem more than once, and did he have to be operated? how long ago was that, and does she still grind the meat for him? can she give him just about any meat, or are there certain things she avoids because of his condition?
i'm getting mixed info from the vets, who think that I am not a good dog owner unless i am feeding him their Iams vet brand
thanks so much!
After asking her about it, I don't think he had exactly the same problem actually, but he did have to have a section of intestine removed, hence her grinding his meat (I also feed ground bone, though not for the same reason).

For the entire time she fed raw, she fed it ground and I'm not aware of her having stayed away from any particular meats, though I know she only chicken and turkey bones.

Perhaps you could find a holistic vet in your area who is more familiar with raw feeding?
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