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Exclamation Trying to figure out the amount to feed?

I'll be starting my younger dog (8 months old) on some raw food *hopefully* saturday - he has not been feeling well the last couple of days, and will be seeing the vet on saturday morning, hes actually fasting now until tomorrow tp see if he feels any better.

I picked up some chicken thighs (still with bone and skin) and wanted to start him on that, but not sure how much he needs - he has been EXTREMELY difficult to put any weight on, and had some intestine removed two months ago, and cannot afford to lose any more weight at all.

i read in another thread that we should feed 1.5-2% of body weight is this correct? so if he is 36 pounds, he sound have about 3/4 lbs?

also, since he had surgury for Intussusception, sound i remove the bones fom the thighs until h is older?

thank you!
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