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I feel for you, catsnatcher, having had problems with my neighbours as well. I've decided it is THEY who are the freaks, not me. I assert my rights to everything on my lease and then a little bit more, strategically, like putting out food at night. However, when there's several cats, and they all spray - and sometimes fight - it can get a bit awkward...
Luckily my landlord does not live on the premises and never comes here.
I've set up shelters in the alley and had them torn apart. So far this year, there don't seem to be any cats using the locker on my back porch which I always organize for them in the winter. I guess it doesn't rate!
We do our best, catsnatcher, knowing that we're up against something which is probably not solvable.
As for feral-ness, I think temperament must play a part, along with socialization, etc. The meanest cat on the alley, a magnificent tabby, has a home (although he's outside a great deal), is well-fed and tagged; but he is the most aggressive cat I have ever met, completely unapproachable (and I am reasonably brave/stupid around most animals). So along with the lack of socialization, there is another, random element.
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