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catsnatcher-CDN: if you are willing to place the 2 most feral ones as outside cats, I am willing to take them. I am going to a friend's tomorrow and I can pick up everything I need to build a very well insulated Winter shelter (she has quite a few backstreet feral cats rescued from Montreal and they have quite a palace over there). If you want, I can take pictures of the wooden area behind my house where I can build the shelter and then you can decide (or you can come and see for yourself). I have an industrial quality infrared light to heat the shelter and I can make sure they have food and water twice a day. Unfortunately, I cannot take anymore indoors cats - my family is MORE than complete. The only thing that worries me is that there is no way to make sure the cats will actually stay around when we move them, although they would likely stay where there is heat and food. Putting a collar onto them makes me uneasy as the more solid ones would not be safe and the quick release they would lose in no time. I guess we'd have to trust destiny a little with this. What do you think ?
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