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I'm in an extremely tough position right now. Chyna's not eating/drinking/peeing/moving. I've been giving her syringes of food, water, and Pedialyte, and when it looked like last night was going to be her last, I gave her a favorite shirt, catnip, and a lot of attention to make her feel comfortable. She had the most shallow breathing when I finally fell asleep this morning. But, after I woke up, she was still breathing soft and steady.

The vet's schedule was packed today, but I talked to the vet's assistant. First, she said that we could bring Chyna in later today, have fluids pushed into her, see if that changes her behavior, and if it doesn't, think about having her euthanized. And, when I explained that Chyna's not getting up at all, she mentioned leaving her at home one more day, giving her a full day of forcing fluids, and seeing whether she improves before bringing her in.

I love the thought of doing everything I can to save Chyna's life. But I hate the idea of "torturing" her (and then possibly killing her) on a table in some strange room instead of letting her go in the room she's literally spent 99.9% of her life in. What would you do?
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