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Originally Posted by VERB View Post
Frederick-Douglas has been to the vet and has a clean bill of health. Believe me, that was the first thing on the list.
Was his T4 Thyroid level checked? I know often this is an add-on to the standard tests so it some vets don't include it in the regular bloodwork.

Originally Posted by VERB View Post
This is more specifically a behavioral issue and I knew that off the bat. This has been an on and off thing for him for quite some time. As I mentioned when I first posted, when he was a kitten I gave him to a friend and shortly after she had a baby and he was acting out then.
What age was he taken from his mother/siblings, do you know? This may explain some of the "needy/pushy" attention seeking he's doing (whining/rubbing/demanding pats), if taken too young he may not have been able to develop a sense of self reliance/independence when he was still needing the social skills his mother/siblings would be teaching.

Originally Posted by VERB View Post
I'm going to clean my apartment top to bottom, go over it with a black light to find any soiled areas I may have missed
If you do find more old spots or he has more recent ones it's important to not show any emotion while cleaning it - don't talk to him/make eye contact etc, even better if he's not in the room while you are cleaning (if possible) you don't want him associating your cleaning up a urine spot with any attention towards him at all otherwise it may become a self-rewarding behaviour (he pees, you clean while talking/paying attention to him, he gets what he wants)

Keep us updated on how it's going
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