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Exclamation Name Calling - Message from ADMINS

I agree! There is no reason to name call. From now on please either choose to ignore or educate the posters that offend you.

Please be aware that this site and BB is used by thousands of students and children each month. We should try to set a better example.

Debate is healthy and we all have different points of view, but the name calling has got to stop. Please stop. I agree that sometimes people on this board, especially newbies post questions that demonstrate their irresponsibility as pet owners. HOWEVER, bashing these people doen't help at all and it won't help their poor pets either.

Instead, in our opinion, EDUCATING or IGNORING these people is the way to go. A good example are the controversial pregnancy, BSL, and declawing threads etc. If someone asks a pregnancy question, (ie how do I know that my pet is pregnant) the first instinct should NOT be to bash them for not having had their pet spayed or neutered. I agree that they should be told this, but at the END of the answer. If you cannot give constructive advice please just don't respond.

If you feel anyone is trolling (posting deliberately to agitate), please just report them to Dave or to me via email to and we will take appropriate action. As long as we know about them (and it's getting harder to police this board) we can and will ban those people that don't follow the rules.

We are very proud of the community that has been built here and we appreciate all the goodwill.

Thanks for your understanding and feel free to respond,

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