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Thanks Moon! I feel that all of us"regulars" are quite passionate about our pets and you have been great! My analagy on that thread might not have been the best I could have come up with, but most definitely being called such a HORRIBLE thing like racist isn't something I take to kindly to. Anti-BSL does have a lot more going for it than pro-BSL, and although I haven't done as much research on my own, everyone fighting it has taught me a lot. I just wish some people would be more open to fighting it and learning the facts! I have no problem with people when their opposing arguments make sense and they are really trying to learn more, about BOTH sides! Why do people have to be so ignorant? The lives of hundreds, THOUSANDS of pitbulls are hanging in the balance, and people like BTPB are totally unwilling to see the negative effects of BSL. It just breaks my heart.

For anyone wanting to post anything on this forum, please be sure to post your opposing views tastefully, and be sure to do your research beforehand. We are all pet lovers here and are more than willing to hear the other side of an argument, when brought up with tact.
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