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Decent food, reasonable price.

I was lecturing my mother today about what she feeds her cats and dog and I was telling her what all the bad ingredients are. So I wen't to my dog food bag to give her a reference of what is good, turns out I couldn't give her a reference. A year ago I thought nutram was a pretty decent food for the price, I was almost positive it didn't have any corn in it. So maybe they changed the ingredients or I couldn't read a year ago

I'm wondering what are some good foods that are not TOO expensive. I know what most of the good foods are like eagle pack, wellness, orijen (which i've only ever seen once in a store and the price was outrageous).

I currently feed my cats soup for the cat lovers soul, or somthing along those lines and it's a pretty good food and isn't to crazily priced. Is the soup for the soul dog food good? Is there any other good foods around $65 for a big bag? The two good stores I have around me are pet valu and global pet foods.

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