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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
Oh what a nice view ! Amber and Bobby must be tired of their hike ?
They were ready for a rest, that's for sure! Amber is recovering from a sore pay - somehow she has injured one toe on her left back leg. The vet told me no exercise for at least 2 days - the hike was on the 3rd day and Amber was like a wild woman out there! No sign of soreness - she is still on her pain/anti-inflammatory meds though but Amber did at least 4 times the distance the rest of us did! Today both dogs were back to normal - ready to rock and roll!

We try to do a really good hike like this one at least once a week - that way the dogs don't get bored by going to same place all the time and we get to see some rather beautiful scenery too!
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