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Molly loves the vet until she has to get up on the table and get anything done. She's like "hey ! new people! dogs! kitties!!! new smells ! woohoooo!!!!....wait a minute....." lol She's pretty much the same way when she goes for a visit at the kennel. Happy to go off with just about anyone.

She is around 15 pounds and it takes two people to hold her when she has to get shots etc. She's pretty strong for her size and pretty stubborn. After all is done and she returns to the waiting room she's ready to go, unless of course a new dog or person comes along, then it's "woohoo!!!" all over again.

She had the whole place rolling one of the last times I was there. She is a dancing doggie when petted on a certain part of her back and starts jigging her back legs like Michael Flatley for all she's worth. The more excited she gets, the more she does it, and even does it on her own by backing up under a crossed leg etc. While we waited she started her routine under my foot and kept the entire waiting room and staff entertained as she riverdanced

She's such a little weirdo and I love her for it.
Someday I hope to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am
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