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[IL] looking to get me an exotic pet.

So i have a list of various animals i like, but i would like to know what of my list is legal to own in the state of IL. and which ones i'd have to have a permit/enclosure for when they are outside [I do have a stone walled fence for my backyard. Any furry animals i have that can climb will be indoors then taken outside on a leash.

1:mountain lion [ I used to play with one during my childhood when i lived out far from the cities. i loved it]
2: Wolf [purebred also i love wolves. ]
3:Fisher Cat [might be the closest chance for me to have sumthin i can name TAZ since its related to wolverines.]
4:The mini kangaroo looking animal
5:bobcat [ if i cant have a mountain lion, this is my hope]
6:A monkey. [if legal i will obtain 2 and teach them to use squirt guns.. I personally dont own any actual guns so no chance of a planet of apes scenrio.]
7: Alligator [ possibly the cheapest thing i can obtain, if they are still sold in reptile shows for 25.00s. ]
8: Coyote
9: Any breed of bear [ i know they require permits, but dont know if with said permit im able to keep one in IL. ]
10 :Hoatzin [ I learned about it's existence a ways back and was like "o.O its a living breathing mythical animal"]

thats the animals i can think from the top of my head..
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