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I agree with Breeze about the cooler weather. , We got Harley in March, so missed most of the really cold weather, but he is completly unfazed by rain, even violent storms, he could not care at all.
We are lucky with Harley while he is walked a couple times a day, he can go without as well. There have been the odd day when it gets skipped, and he's quite happy to lounge around and snuggle and watch movies too! I had the stomach flu, and he lay beside me for 2 days, so sweet.
He really does love the off leash dog park, we get there at least a couple times a week, and he loves to have a good romp and play.
And yes, we did get him from A in Havelock. She gave us a few names to contact as references, we contacted all of them, and they all had good things to say. We had a great experience. You will LOVE her gang. We would have taken Konan home if she'd let us!
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