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As for the 20 min. walks, alot of the time it's longer, but our vet and breeder have recommended to not over exercise when he's not fully mature as it can cause great damage to his hips as he growing up. So we keep him exercised so that he's happy, he lets us know
Very good point also. You will need to do a lot of research on giant breeds. They do not eat puppy food there exercise as stated must monitored as they can do severe damage to joints and bones. Giant breeds take about 3 years to fully mature.
Yes Newfs do drool and it is a normal thing, staring at food will cause them to drool or just sitting staring out the window will make them drool. Drool can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Slingers as they are commonly referred to will get flung on walls, hair, floors and of course the clean clothes you just changed into. I have lived with a Neo and an English Mastiff and have become an authority on drool if you go with a Newf (which are the sweetest big babies and are great with kids you will want to buy stock in Mr Clean erasers they remove dried drool off surfaces without removing the paint. If you think your dog and cat shed I know when a Newf blows his coat it is like sweeping up a small dog on a daily basis. I am not sure about the Leonberger I have only known a couple but we have someone here who does so lets leave Leons to Flicka. They do not as high maintenance as the Newf. I do know a lot of people who have Mastiffs and kids and they do get knocked over but if the kids are growing up with the dog from a pup it will not be as much of an issue since they will feel comfortable with the dog and it will learn to be more careful. But the will at some point get knocked down and as my friend says it just makes the kids a little more resiliant he has 3 Mastiffs, who have decided it their job to watch over the kids, which they take very seriously. If the kids are in the back nobody gets near that backyard. They are sweet and loving dogs just do not go near there skin kids. Giant breeds are big lap dogs who do not have a clue how big they are especially when they are standing on your feet or leaning against you.
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