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Originally Posted by amandaleigh View Post
wow Flicka Harley sounds amazing, when you say you groom him weekly what does that mean? just a good brushing? I read that Leonbergers are very gentle just like newfies its good to hear someone who has one reinforce that, with the little kids thats our first priority in looking for a puppy.

He get's brushed a couple times a week.
Not only is he gentle with kids, he is so calm! All the neighbourhood kids have street hockey games and he watches and plays, never disruptive.
When we were looking for a pup, we stressed to the breeder that the temperment was the priority for us. Our breeder picked our pup for us. He isn't a "show dog" we were told, but he IS the sweetest pup ever. He has a crooked tooth, and a couple other small flaws that make him a " companion dog", but we didn't care, as showing him was not our plan. I spoke with many breeders, and we brought the kids to meet the adult dogs before commiting to a pup. Our kids loved the adult Leo's.

As for the 20 min. walks, alot of the time it's longer, but our vet and breeder have recommended to not over exercise when he's not fully mature as it can cause great damage to his hips as he grows. So we keep him exercise so that he's happy, he lets us know.

Good luck with your decision. If you pick a good breeder, you can expect quite a wait for your pup, but worth the wait!
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