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Originally Posted by gtexan View Post
I am of the mentality that a dog's owner should be directly responsible for their pets behavior.

If your dog bites a child, teenager, or adult, you should be punnished as if you were the aggressor.

That would make sure people only picked dogs they would be able to properly care for
I don't agree with that. Sometimes there is nothing that could have been done differently. I am an experianced owner and had dogs of similar and same breeds as one dog that bit a little girl… She rang the door bell and he went right through the storm door at her (fortunately no major damage but he did break skin). He had been well socalized with dogs and people. He had never done anything like that before. He always liked people, though was protective of me… but I wasn't even home, my husband was though. We had 2 dogs at the time, the older one did not partake in the event but stood barking at the door.

In that case, with no provoking and no reasons for that happening we put him down after the 10 quarentine (you have to quarentine whether they've been vaccinated or not - he was properly vaccinated). It was a very hard decision to make but I still feel it was the right one. We have to remember that to the dog that it no different that being put under for surgery… it's the humans that have to deal with the emotional isses involved.
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