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Thanks everyone!
These are all ikea products.

We JUST put up the top two long shelves...and we coaxed Nuda onto it using a feather toy... it'll take a few days until they both use it..... The 2 shelves are quite heavy and were attached with toggle (butterfly) bolts to the sheetrock. (We would have loved to have hit the wood studs...but it didn't happen....but the bolts are SOLID.) Top shelves are about 48 inches long each and 11 inches wide....maybe a 3/4 inch thick.

...the stairlike shelves were put up about a month ago and the cats LOVE them. It's just 2 shelves with the rungs deliberately staggered so the cats can climb.

Slipperiness factor...we were worried about that too...but the melamine seems to have a bit of 'tooth' to it - so it's less slippery than it looks. Still, we may add something anti-slip in the near future. Maybe some sticky privacy film (like they put on bathroom windows) will do the trick.

As for pics... they're comin'

thx everyone!
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