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At the very least, wash it out with antibacterial soap and treat with an antibiotic ointment.

My cat bit me while I was administering her medicine yesterday (she was scared, not her fault.) It bled for a couple minutes. Within an hour, my finger was swollen. 6 hours later, I was at the doctor's office and was rx'd augmentin. Even after the first dose, the swelling and pain increased. It looked the worst this am - significantly swollen, entire finger red and hot to the touch, numbness and bruising at the puncture sites, very painful. Finally, after the 3rd dose of antibiotics plus 600 mg of ibuprofin 3x/day, my finger is starting to improve. It still looks bad but the redness, warmth, and swelling are greatly improved. As is the pain. I've had cats all my life but have never had this bad of a bite.
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