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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post

I fixed the link but it not showing the part about cats losing weight.

The web site is on Animal Planet and the title is

'Top 5 Reasons Your Cat Might Be Losing Weight'

Just checked out the site and all are valid explanations. I'm leaning towards anxiety or just too crowded to eat.

But, yesterday he was locked in the garage with 2 plates of food and water, when I came back 4 hours later he had only consumed the one plate about 2 ounces of food. Once he got out he brought back a chipmunk that he caught (thank you for the treat). I also saw him that same night and it looked like he was eating something, did not have time to investigate....thank god, I really get disposing of critter parts)

I know he eats "off the hoof" but assuming he was consuming enough off the hoof is what got him in trouble and hospitalized for dehydration. So I continue to feed him.

Can I over feed? Like last night if he ate a critter and then I feed him cat food, could he be over fed? I'm still at a loss on what to do. I've emailed the vet inquiring about a drug that may help his anxiety, no reply from them. I would probably have to bring him in before they would give any drugs, at a cost of $80.

Is there any way to tell if his belly might be full? If I know he's consuming critters, than at least I can cut back on the assisted feeding.

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome as there is still no answer to why he won't eat and hasn't eaten enough for months.
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