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I'm going to add my own dog bite sotry here for those that are saying "Do I have to go to the doctor?" trust me you'll know and you'll go.

When I got bit it was totally my fault and I see what I should have done now but at the time just reacted and paid for it.

I was walking my dog when a toy poodle came running across the street to us(he had slipped through the wide wrought iron fencing of the apartment building where he lived). The owner was right there and I could see she was very scared that her dog would go back into the street and get hit by a car so I grabbed the dog's harness. He managed to bite me a few times on the hand I was holding him with before his owner could get across the street to us.

I went to her apartment and washed my hand and thought that would be all I really needed to do. I had places to go so I left. About 3 hours later I knew I was going to have to go see a doctor because, man, did my hand hurt!! I had to stop off at the lady's house and let her know that I needed her name and address because I had to fill out a dog bite report she was surprised I would need medical care as well. I believe she had to keep him quarantined but otherwise as far as I know everything was fine for her and her dog.

I totally blame myself as I should have just lured the little guy back from the street with my dog and not touched him. I will never make the mistake of grabbing a dog that I don't know like that ever again!
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