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Any Vet Recommendations?

I have a female Akita that is 10 years old and we found out recently she has diabetes. She is 115 pounds.

Our old vet mainly has experience in treating small dogs with diabetes, and they don't carry the human insulin that my dog would require because of her size.

We went for the consult and talked about our plan of action, she is a very experienced vet and has treated Akitas before. But I feel more comfortable in seeing a vet that has treated large dogs with diabetes and also has experienced with Akitas. As well, she made it seem like there is no hope for my dog because Akitas are VERY temperamental and it would be difficult for her to follow the strict eating routine.

So I am now looking for a new vet for a second opinion and any tips/advice on how to deal with the strict routine of a Diabetic dog... and someone who doesn't think my dog has lost all hope because of the breed's attitude. I reside in the Markham/Richmond Hill area, so anywhere near there is good..Toronto is too far for us.

Also, anyone with a diabetic dog who has some words of wisdom would be great. I am very scared/nervous/anxious/overwhelmed right now with the whole thing!
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