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stop with the pumpkin already!

Originally Posted by Prin View Post
I think the pumpkin might harden the stools, but it will just mask the problem. You have to figure out why the doggy is not digesting, don't just force the doggy's system to digest things he can't.

pumpkin is mostly given to dogs for constipation! so - bland diet 2-3 days then slowly introduce his/her regular food. a bland diet is - COTTAGE CHEESE, RICE, BOILED MEAT OR CHICKEN (boil off fat FAT OR MEAT BABY FOOD)
yOUR VET will have to tell you why your pets bowel is inflamed but the bland diet will give it time to heal. (might be a good time to change to a minimal ingrediant food. In most cases their is something in the food, which could also be in every food you"ve tried (like corn glueton), that is irratating the bowel.
Note: if your dog ate something that is stuck in the colon only the runny soft stuff can get by and its no doubt inflamed hopefully not infected! quick x-ray will tell. This is mostly for a very acute case.
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