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Like many rules and laws this targets good owners along with the bad. Want to bet which owners will comply? It's hard to tell if either sex is neutered, even the males are left with an empty sac these days.

My dog had a medical concern and neuter was suggested when he was 8 years old. My Vet said his testicles would not shrink up as a younger dog's would and she might have to remove the sac as well as it would dangle and be a danger to him when out running in bush areas. She said without testicles in the sac it would not respond to temperature etc. by moving as it does now. Thankfully that medical concern was resolved and at 10 he is still intact. So yes, if they go ahead with this ill conceived (pun intended) idea waiving if after a certain age is something I would support. What are they going to do when they find neuter does NOT magically fix behavioural problems?
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