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I am agreeing with your vet on 'normal abrasion' due to the pattern. Let me explain. Reason to suspect this is 1) it seems that the hair is very much shorter in length rather than an actual bald spot - correct? 2) I am assuming that the underlying skin is not red, inflammed or with discharge and 3) the location and pattern of the lesions. The location can be indicative of there he might rest his weight on his ankles thus causing an 'abrasion' to the fur and hair shafts. Symmetry of the lesions may also support this.

Other common causes that you had mentioned - fleas- wrong pattern and you should be able to identify the presence of fleas, allergies - not itchy and wrong pattern, ringworm - unusual to be symmetric, often cats are without symptoms, I do not see or hear the description of mild flaking. Also mites - no itching and wrong pattern. etc... etc...

If you start noticing areas, please let me know at once. This might change our differentials. Sometimes there may be underlying problems like thyroid conditions, etc... that can lead to these problems. However from his age and what you describe, I am not too concerned at this time.

I still think swinging him by your vet is a great idea - having the problem on the exam table is always better than a picture.

Good luck.
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