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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Oh really? You might want to read these articles then:
like I said, there are mountains of books by credentialed "professionals" claiming that spanking a child only breeds violence. The article you posted was "based" on an artical by Dr. Dunbar, and yet it's got a lot of claims that look exactly opposite of what I've observed through my life. I lived 22 years in the mountains and had a dog that ran with a pack...just because someone has a credential and someone bases an article on something he wrote, then slaps it on the internet, is no reason to disbelieve what you've witnessed and trade it for beliefs of the credentialed professional.

After seeing what they teach kids in public school thanks to our academic elite and their twisted ideas, a degree is more like a badge of warning..."CAUTION: I have been exposed to liberal think tanks and excelled in regurgitating their social agenda"

Just my .02
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