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Originally Posted by ikur View Post
The links are wonderful. I shall try to make him view playtime as a fun, stress-releasing activity rather than a dull, boring one!
We have several carpets that 'belong' to Felix but I shall look out for some scratching posts.

I really want to try Feliway diffusers but because it's imported, the price is ridiculously steep. The Anti-stress sprays are relatively cheaper though. I shall give those a try and hope they help. I shall hunt around for calming cat-treats as well! I honestly thought he would settle in a month or so but it's about time I tried these erm 'cat hacks' haha.

Regarding the balcony, I really wanted to border it with mesh but apparently we could get in trouble for doing this ourselves (we need to contact government officials or some silly thing like that). But regardless, I will try and find a way through this so-called rule.

Thank you for the help! I shall update this forum in a few weeks with Felix's progress after I try all these things.

And have a picture of Felix being his smug, little Royal self <3
He really is the king of the house!

And another of him using his shelf as a throne

I can see why he is called Alpha Male of the neighborhood . He is so handsome . I have heard of cats having a hard adjusting to new homes , my daughter had a cat that started pissing on the floor when they moved . I hope things will work out for you , I just love your cat. How much does he weight ? I had to come back and admire your cat some more.

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