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Originally Posted by Reg View Post
Welcome to the board.

Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your dog. Do you mind telling me what you are feeding him. Did the vet mention anything about allergies to you?

It appears as if one of the main problems with ear infections can be food allergies. It's not just with dogs either, cats are having the same problems.

If I were you, I would be thinking of getting a 2nd opinion from another vet who is an Integrative vet. There are alternative procedures that might be of benefit for the dog before going to the surgery route for the problem.

I know there are some Hmeopathics that work for ear problems, and also Acupuncture. If you find a Homeopathic vet in your area who has been practising for some time, maybe they would be able to advise you or suggest a protocol that would alleviate the problem.

With our cats, I administer Colloidal Silver that I purchased at the Health Food Store, not the pet food store. If he is suffering pain, I find that administering Arnica 30 C pellets help to relieve the pain.

If you decide to go this route, speak to the people at the Health Food store on how to give the Arnica pellets. I've had good success with them both for myself and the cats for relieving pain.

Thank-you for reading and replying to my post. We have two dogs and they are on the same diet. The dog with the ear infection the rescue Shepherd Beagle is my girl friends dog. We've been under the same roof for a year. Her dog has been on the same diet as my dog which is a blond apricot Labradoodle. The diet is Kirkland lamb and rice. Two years ago my former vet had recommended lamb and rice for my dog because her skin color (reddish)indicated a possible allergy to her kibble which previously was was non-specific. My girlfriends dog has had ear infections for years and because she didn't have money to visit a vet she didn't go. This could be the reason the situation is what it is.
I make it a priority to get illnesses treated for the sake of the animal. I will explore your suggestions to get a second opinion from another vet and to look into the products from the health food store. Its always good to listen to others. Thank-you
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