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Question Malignant Tumor in Mouth/Nose

Hi everyone, my Vizsla has a malignant tumor that started in her mouth and has progressed to her nose. The cancer is eating away at her nose bone and, similar to the other posts, my dog started out sneezing a lot and today she sneezed out a good amount of blood.

After reading the posts, it seems it's only going to get dramatically worse from here. My fear is being selfish. I don't want to keep her here longer just so I can have her with me when it might be better to put her to rest, but I also don't want to put her to sleep when she's still eating and drinking and wagging her tail.

I think the cancer is also affecting her hearing, but she seems to still see fine. She's 13 years old, but besides the tumor, she's in great shape.

I would hate to come home to pools of blood and/or witness her bleeding from the nostril. Can someone tell me how quickly to expect the symptoms to worsen or give me advice on how long it too long to wait until it's time?

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