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Thanks everyone

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate this group.
I have posted an update on another thread, not sure if you guys have seen it, It was called "she has nose bleed like pupyvr" , I thought I was on the wrong thread, excuse me for being a newbie too, dont really know the site that well yet either.

Anyway, today shes actually doing really well.
It seems somehow the scope help stop the bleeding for now at least.

As soon as I get the results I will send out notification. I really want other people to learn about these things. I would also like to find out exactly how a dog actually gets these kinds of sicknesses? I had never heard of things like this till I have to deal with it.

Did anyone get an explaination from thier vet, where it came from? is it genetic? or something they could have eaten? or perhaps lead in thier toys?

Just searching for answers, because I cannot imagine what our pets have done to deserve being sick this way?

Puppypwr, did you ever get another dog? I think this one will be my last, I can't deal with the heart ache, and cannot imagine trying to replace her if she dies. I do have one other dog, but I am just looking after it for my mom while she is away for a year, but other than that I just dont want to have the heartache of lossing another pet.


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