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nose bleeding

Hi puppypwr, i just had to respond to you. i no exactly what your going through. I had a 4 yr. old female rottie, one day her nose started to bleed, then it went away for about a month. then it came back so my husband took her to the vet, and he went in looking for a foxtail or foreign object, which nothing was to be found, he put some kind of medicine in her nose, and the bleeding stopped for a couple of weeks. then it returned and i called the vet and he told us she would have to go in for a biopsy through the nose. so we went to the specialist and that day that we took her in she was bleeding so bad, could not get the nose bleed to stop at all. the dr. did the biopsy 2 days later we got the bad news that she had squamous carcinoma. we where devasted, and so upset. we where sent to the cancer dr. and where told the exact samething as you where told. but she was having such a problem breathing and sleeping. we put her on the pills for pain from cancer but that did not stop the bleeding. about a month after we could not take it anymore. she was suffering you could see it in her beautiful face. we had to let her go back home, and be free of pain and suffering. this happened 3 yrs. ago this past oct. the pain of course still hurts. me and my husband still talk about our little girl.her name was byonka. i still have her mom and brother. just had to let you no i understand what your going through. its very tuff. but i do no she is waiting for me on the other side and free of any pain and suffering. you take care.
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