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I'm like others who found this forum whilst Googling dog nose bleeds and I spent a lot of time this afternoon reading this thread and , have to admit this, crying over the dogs you have all loved and lost. So sad. Tomorrow I take my 10 year old sheltie, Shady, to my vet following two mild nose bleeds, last night and tonight, both times when she's been excited about being fed. Only one nostril. The first time she left the rim of her food bowl red with blood, not so bad tonight. What I am curious about is whether some of your dogs started off quietly like that, I mean she's not sneezing for instance. I'm hoping her breeder, who is returning from the States tomorrow, gets back early enough for me to discuss it with her before we see the vet.
It is way past my bedtime here so I'll check back in first thing in the morning.
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