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You know, LMPG, you have said how loveable your pits are, how they'd lick you to death and I am not doubting that, I simply queried the need for the use of a collar like that if they are so pleasant? If you are educating a rescue, fair enough, although here in Victoria I guess they do it without a prong, assuming Aslan did her homework right and they are banned. There again, I don't know if Pits are banned also. Googling for info is so slow if you are on dial up.
14+, you are saying that LMPG's dogs are well behaved because of the prong collar. Mine are well behaved on a correction collar, trained gently, and I explained my collars only to make it clear there are no harsh corrections. I won't be offended because you think they are nasty and aggressive. I don't try to tell you they are everyone's friend. They were bred to guard stockmens' animals and gear, and work rough cattle, and how many breeds have it written into their Standard that "a suspicious glint in the eye is a characteristic of the breed"? They demand respect, but in the Standard it also states that they must be amenable to handling in the ring. In all my years of owning and showing them, not one of mine has tried to bite a judge, or a vet , but in the wrong hands, yes, unfortunately, well, you know what happens. Unlike you, my friend with the Wolfhound understands this breed and apologised for her dog going where it shouldn't, and our boy was good only giving a warning snap at it.
The point I was making is that if people want a breed to be liked, it doesn't do a lot for the image to see them in those big ugly collars.
Aslan, Goldens do fine on a correction collar here , in fact they are great obedience dogs. I doubt if our Premier(of the State, not Prime Minister of the country) would have had much to do with banning the prong collar really. The main reason our State is ahead of others at times in banning things is due to the fact that Hugh Wirth, who was and may still be, head of the RSPCA, resides here and has a lot of public support. He may also have the Premier's support too I guess, and good luck to him if he does.