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Firstly, let me assure everyone that I am a strong capable pack leader, I rule my pack with the utmost authority. My dogs, respect me and I respect them.
Secondly, if you've never used one, don't judge, and if you are planning on using one please go to a professional handler and learn the proper way to use one.
Also, Goldfields, I may not travel and goldplate my dogs collars, but my dogs are no less worthy than yours. My dogs are not from breeders, they are all rescues, who are still in various stages of training. However, just because they are still in training doesn't mean they are out of control or badly behaved.
I take great pride in my pack, and until the day comes that I feel they are where I want them in their training that is the day I will no longer use the prong, but rest assured after seeing a dog die from a choke, no way in hell would I put one on my dog, but no way would I judge you for doing so, I'm not so pompous and arrogant to suggest to anyone what equipment they should or should not use, because all dogs are different and all handlers are different.
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