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Update on Franny

Here's an update on our min pin Franny. We brought her home on Friday eveing (Aug 20), she peed, drank, and also ate. she's on Flagyl twice daily, and Cerenia until tonight for vomiting. She has not vomitted since we brought her home (none in the hospital), is doing lots of resting/sleeping (which she pretty much always has done), and has only had 1 accident in the house. (my daughter didn't think Franny or any of the other dogs really needed to go outside even though it had been 3 hrs). I'm logging all of her med, food, elimination, and liquid times so we can basically keep track of what she does last. I've spoken to the vet twice since she's come home and they agree that sometimes you have to treat the dog and let her (or him) set the tone. We all are agreeing that Franny has probably has this for awhile and her body has just sort of adjusted, and last week it just hit her full force and it ended up being a bad attack. I do understand about the ultrasound, but in doing this procedure, if we find "bad news" so to speak, what do I do next? We all agreed in the family, and the vet understood as well, that bringing Franny home and monitoring her would be the best and safest road to pursue at this time. Her heart murmur (grade 4) is also a concern, as well as her kidney disease. Am I being heartless in the way I am approaching things with her, or am I doing what most people would do in the same situation? I do have Tramadol on board if she appears to be in pain, but am also trying to approach things in a relatistic way knowing that she may not fully recover and my family and I need to realize this as well. She does have her perky moments when she runs up the stairs or wags her stump because she wants to jump on the bed (which she is no longer allowed to do). Taking it one step at a time seems to be all we can do at the moment, sans the ultrasound, is there anything else we can do?
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