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Originally Posted by addienana08 View Post
By running the Spec CPL again tomorrow, if the levels drop significantly is this an indication she is improving? My family is trying to decide (with tears from everyone) if we can base a decision on ongoing treatment for her if the numbers on this test are less or should we face the fact that if the numbers are still increased we should end her agony and let her peace at peace?
It is important that we treat not only the numbers but the pet. Some pets can do very well with astronomically high numbers and visa versa. So while numbers are important, they should not be the only factor. With that said, when we have pancreatic numbers this high, we have to worry about DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) which can be a life threatening sequella of severe pancreatitis.

The only way to evaluate for pancreatic cancer is really an abdominal ultrasound. I would recommend this for several reasons. It will be important to look for pancreatic or any other type of mass. This may help very much with your decision process. Furthermore it is important to rule out pancreatic abscess, cysts and free abdominal fluid.

It is a very difficult time and situation for you and I do wish you the best. Pancreatitis can be a horrible disease. Many pets can get over severe episodes of pancreatitis but it can also be fatal. It is important to have your veterinarian give you assessments which should include: patient physical assessment (alertness, comfort, etc), blood pressure/oxygenation/etc., and diagnostics (blood value recheck and ultrasound). By looking at all of these, they can give you realistic expectations of prognosis, cost ranges, etc.

I hope that that helps.
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