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Dog with pancreatitis

I took my 11 yr old min pin to the vet Tues Aug 17 as she had vomited the day before and twice on the 17th. After running numerous blood tests, xrays, ekg, blood pressures, the diagnosis came back as pancreatitis. Her Amylase was unreadable, (meaning off the chart) and her lipase was 5504. She has been on IV fluid therapy and fentanyl patches for pain control. A recheck on her blood today showed her lipase at 4498, her creatinine at 2.2, and her bun at 46. The vet also ran a Spec CPL and it showed a level over 1,000. He wants to run the test again tomorrow, which is fine but I have 2 questions. He mentioned that her lipase could be elevated due to the pancreatitis and the use of the fentanyl pain patch, but also could indicate a pancreatic tumor. By running the Spec CPL again tomorrow, if the levels drop significantly is this an indication she is improving? My family is trying to decide (with tears from everyone) if we can base a decision on ongoing treatment for her if the numbers on this test are less or should we face the fact that if the numbers are still increased we should end her agony and let her peace at peace? I need some sound advice from anyone who might have dealt with this type of situation or might know anything about the tests and numbers that i have mentioned. Thank you to anyone who can assist me in anyway during this crisis.
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