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What is their response? Have you spoken with the owner of the one you go to the most - in my area, one fellow owns several and that is often the case. My brother's nest door neighbour owns 10 or so in his region of the Maritimes and so someone like that could take that to the company meetings. Esp at the regional level. What about writing Ron Joyce even tho he is no longer involved with the company, he is the type who would take that kind of thing seriously )He now lives ion Nova Scotia).

Good luck but I also applaud your initiative in creating your own. I do not care for the iced stuff myself- I like the hot but have an Espresso machine so try to emulate theirs -which I do prefer to Starbucks! We have fortunately two Tims in the hospital - and if one is desperate for Starbucks, there is a one at the student union of the univ with the med school up the street (in the Student Union bldg) and there are also many Tim's nearby as well as a "real" Starbucks (ie not one like in Chapters)
on a nearby street so I can get biscottis which I DO like, lol
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